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3 Holiday Hairstyles to Up Your Glam Game this December

With the popularity of my 5 easy fall hairstyles post, I thought I would come back with some fairly easy hairstyles for the holiday season! I’ve got 2 pretty simple ones + one that might require a little extra work! These are perfect for Christmas parties, New Years Eve, family gatherings, etc. and all take less than 10 minutes! All you need is a ponytail holder/elastic and a little faith (and a lot of bobby pins when it comes to the last one 😉 )

Without further a[hair]do, lets get into the hairstyles!

This first one is probably my favorite, but that could just be because I love wearing my hair down. Have you ever tried to do a hair flip with a crown braid?!

If you want to know how I curl my hair, products I use, etc., check out my tutorial here!

You can part your hair down the middle, but my natural part is on the side, so I just stuck with that. Fishtail braid a small section, then pin it or tie an elastic around it to hold it in place. Braid a section on the other side and make them meet in the middle, securing them with an elastic. Boom! Done.

This high pony is definitely the easiest of the three. First, start off by teasing the top few layers of your hair, starting at the front. Then make a regular pony, however high up you desire. Make a little hole between the pony and your scalp and pull the pony through from underneath (as shown in the last picture). Ta-da! You’ve got yourself a fancy ponytail that won’t sag!

This one is definitely the most time consuming – and the hardest to do on yourself. Not gonna lie, I had my sister do it. Lol. BUT I know plenty of people who do their own, so I have faith it can be done.

Start off by parting your hair down the middle. Obviously Kaleigh didn’t try too hard to make my part perfect. Hahaha.

Then, starting at the base of your neck, Dutch braid your hair up towards the top of your head. You’ll continue the braid all the way to the very ends.

Secure with an elastic and repeat on the other side.

At the end, pull at the braids to make them however big/loose/messy you want. Then Bobby pin the ends in place in the back and you’re good to go!

By the time you’re done it should look like this! Bobby pin/hairspray any stray hairs and you’re golden!

As always, let me know if you have any questions and happy holidays!!



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