I'm by no means a beauty guru, but I have learned some makeup/skincare/hair tips and tricks in my years since turning 13! I tend to splurge on a handful of items because they're worth it to me, but overall I use very budget-friendly products. You'll find lots of drugstore and Ulta links here! And since I'm not an expert, I keep things pretty simple. Don't worry about feeling overwhelmed while perusing this section! It really doesn't take much to enhance the beauty God has already given you. You're gorgeous with absolutely nothing - these products are just fun to play with, in my opinion! Hopefully my beauty tips and tricks will be helpful to some of you.

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    All the Best Self-Tanning Tips to Keep You Glowing!

    Ah, summer. We meet again. Anyone who knows me knows that summer is my least favorite season. Not because I’m self-conscious in a swimsuit or because my thighs chafe when I walk more than a short distance (although MegaBabe has fixed this problem – THANK YOU, KATIE STURINO). But because I hate heat. If I have to choose between shivering or sweating, give me Antarctica every time! But I digress. Despite my lack of summer love, I try to embrace the warm-weather fashion because, well, it’s cute! I love sun dresses and straw hats as much as the next person. And like most of the girls/women I know, I always…

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    3 Holiday Hairstyles to Up Your Glam Game this December

    With the popularity of my 5 easy fall hairstyles post, I thought I would come back with some fairly easy hairstyles for the holiday season! I’ve got 2 pretty simple ones + one that might require a little extra work! These are perfect for Christmas parties, New Years Eve, family gatherings, etc. and all take less than 10 minutes! All you need is a ponytail holder/elastic and a little faith (and a lot of bobby pins when it comes to the last one 😉 ) Without further a[hair]do, lets get into the hairstyles! This first one is probably my favorite, but that could just be because I love wearing my…

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    5 Fall Hairstyles You Can Do in Under 5 Minutes

    I am definitely not the first person you think of when it comes to “hairstyle variety.” I told my sister that I’m just too lazy – curling my hair alone is enough work for me! 😉 BUT I’m determined to do better. Especially considering how easy these fall  hairstyles are!! Seriously, all of them took less than five minutes – It doesn’t get much simpler than that. All of my favorite hair products to use are linked in this post! I also have a tutorial on how I curl my hair here. 🙂 Now, lets get to stylin’! Space Buns I like to call these my space buns. A bit…

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    Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

    This is probably my most requested post so far! I think it’s funny because my eyes are actually two different shapes, so they’re probably difficulty level: advanced. If you follow these steps, it should be much easier for you than it is for me to get everything even! Because of my one hooded eyelid, I struggled for YEARS trying to find a liner that wouldn’t rub off on my lid/crease! I tried a couple of high end ones that worked, but MAN $22 is expensive for something you’ve gotta buy every couple of weeks! (it is for me, at least 😉 ) I FINALLY found this liquid liner that is…

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    Loose Curly Hair Tutorial

    I’ve gotten quite a few requests over the past few months to do a hair tutorial, so here we are! I’ve never done a tutorial for anything before, so bear with me. I think this’ll be fun!! First off, I have naturally curly hair, so 1. It does hold curl well and 2. I have to blow dry it straight before I curl it, otherwise it looks a little crazy! I use this primer to keep my hair from getting heat damage. AND it cuts your drying time in half, which, if you have thick hair like me, is a LIFE SAVER. (I included it in my post all about my…

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