Let's be real - affordable outfits are one of the main reasons you're here, right? I don't have a lot of money, so I'm very intentional with the clothes I buy. It's extremely rare that I'll spend over $40 or $50 on one clothing item! Most things I wear are under $30 or I got on major sale to make them fall below that number. Or I used rewards. Lol. After all, the more money I save on clothes, the more places I can travel! Besides, just because it's an affordable outfit doesn't mean it can't be stunning, right?? One of my main goals when I started this blog was the show girls and women how they could dress their average-sized bodies. I'm not thin, but I'm also not plus-size. I'm the size of most women in America, and I think it's about time that we had more representation! I hope to give you lots of budget-friendly outfit ideas that make you feel confident you can rock any look you want.

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    Favorite Fall Cardigans Under $20

    Outfit disclaimer: I got most of this outfit at Ross Dress for Less or TJ Maxx, and therefore couldn’t link exact items! But I searched to find ones as similar to these as I possible! Jeans // Cardigan // Shoes // Earrings // Bodysuit // Sunglasses Okay, people. We’re less than 10 days away from the first day of fall! Sure, it’s still 80 (and sometimes 90) degrees here in Arkansas, but hey. Maybe if I buy more fall clothes, I can will Mother Nature to take a *chill* pill! 😉 Ha ha ha. (I’m so sorry.) I’ve rounded up some of my favorite cardigans that won’t break the bank (as you…

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    4th of July Outfits That Won’t Break the Bank

    Once again, a holiday is approaching and you haven’t given a thought as to what you’re going to wear. WELL, lucky for you, I’ve done all the thinking on your behalf and made this handy dandy blog post to help you out! I’m definitely not the type of person to spend a bunch of money on one particular clothing item, let alone something I’m only going to wear once! SO below you’ll find some reasonably priced outfits with pieces you can wear over and over again this summer. Now, the 4th is just around the corner so… get to it!! Vintage Inspo Family Picnic Sunday Best Simple Yet Effective