Hi there! Welcome to my personal favorite part of my blog - the travel section! Where I offer you all my affordable travel tips and recommendations. From camping to hotels, hiking to relaxing poolside, funky restaurants to the best cup of Joe in town, you'll find everything you need right here! I try my best to make each of my travel guides as thorough and fun as possible. However, please feel free to DM me on Instagram if you ever have any specific questions about the places I've visited! Covid put a stop to *almost* all my trips in 2020. But I'm more than ready to get back to it!

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    The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

    Every year, fall comes. And every year, when it starts getting too cold to spend more than a few minutes outside and when the leaves have completely deserted their branches, I have REGRETS. Why didn’t I do all the things I had planned?? Why did I spend all those hours sitting inside, watching Gilmore Girls for the third time?! Laziness, my friend. We all fall victim to it at one point or another. SO. I decided to make a “fall bucket list” with all of the the things I want to do before winter! Obviously, food is a priority here. But fortunately for my waistline, there are plenty of fall-y…

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    A Weekend Guide to Dallas Eats

    Planning a trip to Dallas soon? Or are you a local just looking to try new places? Whatever the case, I’ve got you covered with this list of my favorite Dallas restaurants! Having lived there for two years and visited often after that, I feel I have a pretty good “taste” for the local grub. HA. I crack myself up. Anyway. I picked only my very favorites for this list (I have so many favorites!) so that you wouldn’t have TOO many choices. Sometimes that’s worse than not having enough! I’ve sorted them into categories so you can get the gist of what each restaurant has to offer. Here goes!…

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    Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in NYC

    Last weekend, a couple of friends of mine came all the way from Dallas to visit me in New York! We had an absolutely incredible weekend, regardless of how much rain we got or the fact that we didn’t get to do everything on our “must see” list. Such an incredible weekend, in fact, that I thought I’d share what all we did! Things we ate (let’s be real, that’s most important), places we went, what we saw, etc. Hopefully it’ll help inspire you for your next trip to the Big Apple! Also, I made a checklist of specifically FREE activities in NYC, so if you’re looking to save money,…

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    Free NYC Activities Checklist

    Visiting NYC but don’t have a lot to spend? No problem! While it may be one of the most expensive cities in the world, it also has an endless supply of free things to do. This list should keep you busy for at least a whole weekend, if not longer! 9/11 Memorial I cannot recommend this enough. Take a look around, soak it in. Remember. The part outside is free, but I would also STRONGLY encourage you to spend the $24 and go to the museum. My friends and I spent several hours there without even realizing it. If you have the time, seriously, go. MoMA on Friday If you’re…

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    6 Things No One Told Me About Traveling Solo

    Sure, you see a lot of stuff these days all about men and women who quit their day jobs to become travel bloggers, writers, influencers, what have you. Their lives look so incredibly glamorous, filled with infinity pools and jungle safaris, room service laden with exotic fruits and croissants, Instagram stories all about their fun-filled itinerary. And while a lot of their livesĀ areĀ as glamorous as they appear, I feel like, for an average person like myself… traveling by yourself isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Here are a few things I realized shortly after I started my journey as a “solo traveler.” It’s lonely. Last night marked one week…

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