Hi there! Welcome to my personal favorite part of my blog - the travel section! Where I offer you all my affordable travel tips and recommendations. From camping to hotels, hiking to relaxing poolside, funky restaurants to the best cup of Joe in town, you'll find everything you need right here! I try my best to make each of my travel guides as thorough and fun as possible. However, please feel free to DM me on Instagram if you ever have any specific questions about the places I've visited! Covid put a stop to *almost* all my trips in 2020. But I'm more than ready to get back to it!

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    NYC Summer Packing Guide

    Helloooooooo from my little home for the month in NYC!! I’ve been here for less than 24 hours and can already tell I’m going to love it. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently trying to decide where I’ll be moving to next. When my friend called me up a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to sublet her apartment in Queens for the entire month of July, I said HECK YEAH I DO! Because what’s life without a little spontaneity? So here I am, settled into her apartment and *almost* ready to explore the city. It feels like a furnace outside today and it’s supposed…

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    My Favorite Healthy Travel Snacks

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about all my road trip essentials. Some of those essentials are healthy snacks to munch on! However, I didn’t want to limit it to just road trip snacks. So here’s a list of my favorite air-friendly (and car-friendly) healthy snacks! Lara Bars When I was on Whole30, these saved by butt on more than one occasion. I love them because they don’t have any added sweeteners – just dates! Also, NO idea how they make them taste so deliciously accurate with so few ingredients. The pecan pie bar has THREE THINGS: dates, pecans, and almonds. And it tastes just like pecan pie!! I…

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    The BEST Macarons in Dallas

    There aren’t many treats I would break the bank for, but let me tell ya… macarons are definitely my kryptonite. I get some prettttty much every time I’m in Dallas! I lived there for almost two years, and I made it my mission during that time to find the best macarons the DFW area had to offer. And I did. Here’s a list ranking all of the places I’ve visited: JOY Macarons Truly the best macarons in Dallas. Their flavors are off the CHART! They always use the best ingredients and their staff members (at both locations) are so sweet! Plus it doesn’t hurt that the place is EXTRA instagrammable.…

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    Everything You Need To Know About Universal Studios Orlando

    Have you ever started planning a vacation and realized you had NO idea what you were doing? Same. SO I made this post to help you out. It will *hopefully* have all the information you’re looking for, and if it doesn’t, feel free to ask any questions you might still have in the comments! Universal Studios, let’s goooooo!! Where to Stay¬† I don’t know about you, but I’m not made of money. Staying in one of those fancy Universal Resorts seemed like something my wallet just wouldn’t allow. BUT when we discovered that my brother-in-law got a military discount, the idea felt a little more feasible. We stayed at the…

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    Top 10 Road Trip Essentials

    So, for those of us on a tiny budget but born with boots made for walking (or driving, flying, sailing, etc.), booking a last minute plane ticket to some faraway place isn’t exactly realistic. Or responsible. BUT there are plenty of ways to have a mini adventure without having to break the bank! Student loans don’t pay themselves, people. One of my all time favorite excursion types is the ROAD TRIP! Seriously, do you know how far you can go/how much stuff you can do in just one weekend?? I’m going to talk about that in a different post, but for this one, I’m giving you the low down on…

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