Easy Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

This is probably my most requested post so far! I think it’s funny because my eyes are actually two different shapes, so they’re probably difficulty level: advanced. If you follow these steps, it should be much easier for you than it is for me to get everything even!

Because of my one hooded eyelid, I struggled for YEARS trying to find a liner that wouldn’t rub off on my lid/crease! I tried a couple of high end ones that worked, but MAN $22 is expensive for something you’ve gotta buy every couple of weeks! (it is for me, at least 😉 ) I FINALLY found this liquid liner that is seriously magical. It doesn’t smudge ever and stays all day long! And the best part is the price tag – $7!! I love it so much I included it in my post about my all time favorite beauty products!

Step 1:

Start at the middle of your lid and work your way out, thickening it just a little as you go.

Step 2:

LIGHTLY start a little closer to the corner of your eye, but not all the way up to it! Connect with the rest of the liner and thicken it all a little more.

Step 3:

Starting at the outer corner of your eye, draw a thin line out as far as your heart desires. The longer the line, the more dramatic the look!

Step 4:

Draw another line connecting the top of the thick liner to the tip of the wing. You can make this curved or straight, depending on the look you want.

Step 5:

Color in the little triangle you just drew! Make sure to get all the way up to your lash line.

PRO TIP: It’s actually much easier to make your liner look right if you do it without pulling your skin taut or closing your eyes. If you do it with your eyes (at least mostly) open, it’ll go on exactly how it’s gonna look when you’re done!

I hope this helps! Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions for other tutorials/posts – I’d love to hear them!



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