How to Avoid Getting Sick this Holiday Season – the Natural Way!

So it’s November 1st. Last night, after your kids went to bed, you dumped out all their candy and picked out your favorites… and then ate them all. Or you’re single and hit up the half price candy aisle today. Either way, your immune system is on its last leg.

Since my dad is a chiropractor and my mom has spent literally decades researching alternative medicine, my parents have always gone the natural route whenever possible when it comes to our health. Fun fact about me: I’ve never had a shot! Not a single one, my whole life. I actually don’t remember the last time I had to go to the doctor for anything. I’ve always gotten sick way less frequently than my friends, never had the flu, have zero allergies to food, environment, or animals. I got some blood work done a couple of years ago just out of curiosity and everything came back perfect! My mom and I were leaving Walmart a few weeks ago and she asked when I had last checked my blood pressure. “Never?” Lol. We stopped by the pharmacy and a few minutes later… my blood pressure was 119/79!

BUT like everyone, I’m definitely susceptible to colds a couple of times a year – and they’re almost always around the holidays. Lots of sugar, less sleep, more travel – all equal a compromised immune system, which means you’re way more likely to get sick! I have a routine for every time I feel like I might be coming down with something, and I figured it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself! These are some things I’ve found to be SUPER beneficial when combatting a cold.

Before You’re Sick

Vitamin C

This is probably the very first thing I take when I’m starting to feel something coming on. You’re way better off taking one of these instead of drinking orange juice, since with OJ you’re also getting a ton of sugar, which will compromise your immune system even more!

Garlic Extract

I usually take one of these a day just to keep my immune system boosted! But during times where I know I’m sleep deprived and maybe not eating the way I should, I up my dosage. The nice thing is that it’d be pretty hard to “overdose” on garlic!

Vitamin D3

Same goes for this magic vitamin. One a day, two if I’m sick or getting there. While sun is the best way to get vitamin D, it’s a lot harder to get enough sun in the winter! Low vitamin D levels have also been linked to cancer, so I’m all about making sure my body has plenty. It is possible to get too much, though, so be sure to check from time to time that you’re getting the right amount!

Black Elderberry Syrup

This is it. The holy grail of natural cold remedies. Take a teaspoon of this every four hours and I can almost guarantee you either won’t get sick or you’ll get over your cold WAY faster than you would have without it! If you can’t handle the flashbacks from your childhood of the gross cough syrup, here are some gummies you might find a little easier to chew. 😉

doTERRA On Guard 

Essential oils have been proven to help a variety of ailments, but this is my favorite preventative one. It’s pricey, but it lasts forever, so it’s totally worth the investment. I just carry mine around with me in my purse and take a few sniffs throughout the day. You can also put some in your…

Essential Oil Diffuser

I love these because you can just set it by your bed and let your body work while you sleep! As I mentioned, there are several different oils you can try with your diffuser. Lavender works wonders for sleeplessness!

Chiropractic Adjustment

None of the things above will do as much as a trip to the chiropractor! Most people don’t realize the many benefits of chiropractic. Just speaking from my dad’s experience, an adjustment has helped restore peripheral vision, stop headaches in their tracks, and even help speed up the birth process! Another fun fact about me: my first adjustment was at the tender age of… five minutes. No joke! My dad adjusted me five minutes after I was born. After all, it only makes sense that getting your spine aligned will help the rest of your body function properly, too.


While You’re Sick

Hyland’s 4 Kids Cold ‘n Cough

Okay, hear me out. Technically this stuff’s for kids, but it works on adults, too! Trust me, I know from experience. Actually, my whole family does! My sister and brother-in-law had terrible colds this time last year and after taking it for a day, they were almost completely well. It’s homeopathic, so it not only suppresses your symptoms, it actually helps your body heal itself!

Ricola Cough Drops

They’re natural AND delicious! My favorite flavors are the original and the honey and herb.

Starbucks Sick Tea

I get this every time I get a cold and not only does it taste amazing, it also makes me feel better! Here’s the recipe:

A venti tea with mint majesty AND peach tranquility

Half hot water, half steamed lemonade (you can just do all hot water if you don’t want the sugar from the lemonade)

However many honeys your heart desires! I usually get 5, but that’s probably too much (or too little) for some people

Let me know in the comments below if you have any natural remedies of your own! These are just some things I’ve picked up over the years (some from my own mom since childhood 😉 ) Stay healthy this holiday season, friends!




DISCLAIMERThis blog post is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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