Loose Curly Hair Tutorial

I’ve gotten quite a few requests over the past few months to do a hair tutorial, so here we are! I’ve never done a tutorial for anything before, so bear with me. I think this’ll be fun!!

First off, I have naturally curly hair, so 1. It does hold curl well and 2. I have to blow dry it straight before I curl it, otherwise it looks a little crazy! I use this primer to keep my hair from getting heat damage. AND it cuts your drying time in half, which, if you have thick hair like me, is a LIFE SAVER. (I included it in my post all about my favorite beauty products – that’s how much I love it!) After it’s dry, I use my BioSilk Lite – a teeny bit goes a long way! – to help with any split ends or anything. Plus it makes my hair sooo soft and smells amazing!

OKAY. Lets get started!

I begin with my blow-dried hair, which is straight for the most part. (Yes, in the picture below I’ve already curled it – during the video tutorial, which will be up later this week!) I use my straightener to smooth out the little frizzies underneath. BUT I don’t straighten my hair first, because then it won’t hold curl as well!

I take about 2/3 of my hair and clip it on top of my head. Usually I have some crazy hairs close to my face, so I use my straightener to curl them away, towards my ears. Once I get those sections started, I use my wand (I have the 1.25 inch) to curl them the rest of the way.

Then I take little chunks and wrap them around the barrel, making sure to keep the hair flat against the wand. In order to get the right kind of curls, make sure not to twist the section of hair as you wrap it! Keep. It. Flat. For the bottom layer, I start curling about halfway down the section.

In order to achieve the “loose curls” look and keep my length, I make sure to only hold the bottom sections of hair on the wand for a few seconds. If you have naturally straight hair or if your hair doesn’t hold curl well, you may want to spray some flexible hold hairspray on it before moving onto the next layer. This one is excellent for summer because it blocks humidity while keeping your hair from being gross and stiff! If your curls typically stay in place, I would wait until the end and then just lightly spray all over.

Take down the next layer, leaving just about a third of your hair left on top with a clip. Once again, I start off curling the crazies away from my face with my straightener. With the rest of the sections, start a little higher up, towards the scalp (lol ew. I’m only just now realizing I do not like the word scalp). Hold these curls a liiiiittle bit longer than the previous layer, making them just a tad tighter.

HOME STRETCH! The last layer! I part my hair to the side, so this last layer is basically my “bangs” and the rest of the hair on my right side. I make these curls a little looser like the bottom layer, but starting at the top instead of halfway down.

When it comes to my bangs, I use my straightener to kind of curl them under and to the side, then away from my face at the ends. Once finished, I run my fingers through both sides and flip my hair over a couple of times to break up the ringlets. After spraying lightly all over with some of the flexible hairspray, I’m good to go!

If you’re more a visual learner, I made a video tutorial over on my Instagram! Click here to watch my “hair tutorial highlight!”

I hope you found this helpful in achieving all your hair dreams! As always, let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them!




  • Chris

    Oh. My. Goodness. I just watched your Instagram stories where you have the video version of this tutorial. Fantastic! Can you link that in this blog post? Or share it here?

    • Bianca

      Thank you! Going to try this later. Are you sure that’s only a 1inch barrel? It looks huge compared to the 1inch I just bought.

      • KristiannaLynx

        Hi, Bianca! It’s actually a 1.25 inch, but the link just takes you to the product page – then you can choose if you want the 1 or 1.25! I didn’t realize that I didn’t specify in the post what size mine is, so I’ll fix that now!

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