• Thinking

    Ten Goals to Make 2019 the Best Year Yet

    Happy New Year, friends!!! It’s three days into January and I can’t tell you how productive I’ve already been. I have a really good feeling about this year. And I mean a really good feeling. I wasn’t going to do a “New Years resolutions” post, simply because I really don’t feel like there are that many people out there who really care what my resolutions are! Haha! I’m not trying to be self-deprecating at all – that’s just a fact! But also, if I’m being real, I’ve kind of tried to steer clear of “resolutions” in the typical sense this year. Instead, I’m focusing on specific (or maybe a tiny bit vague)…

  • Going

    My 5 Favorite Things About Visiting Disneyland During the Holidays

    Long time no see, friends!! Okay, really it’s just been a couple of weeks. I took some time off for vacation/family/holidays, but I’m back and ready to share some awesome content with you!! I know Christmas is over, but Disneyland keeps their holiday decorations/celebration going through January 6, so I don’t feel weird sharing my 5 favorite things about my visit there earlier this month! When Shawn invited me on this trip, one of the first things he said was “I hope you’re okay with spending a day at Disneyland.” and I obviously answered with a resounding YESSSSSSSS. Because what human doesn’t dream of going to Disneyland their entire life?!…

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    3 Holiday Hairstyles to Up Your Glam Game this December

    With the popularity of my 5 easy fall hairstyles post, I thought I would come back with some fairly easy hairstyles for the holiday season! I’ve got 2 pretty simple ones + one that might require a little extra work! These are perfect for Christmas parties, New Years Eve, family gatherings, etc. and all take less than 10 minutes! All you need is a ponytail holder/elastic and a little faith (and a lot of bobby pins when it comes to the last one 😉 ) Without further a[hair]do, lets get into the hairstyles! This first one is probably my favorite, but that could just be because I love wearing my…

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    Winter Travel OOTD + LA/Hawaii Trip Update

    Hellooooooo Los Angeles!! We left behind the 20° Arkansas weather at 5:40 this morning and touched down in sunny LA at 11:30 (1:30 on our bodies tho. Woof.) I didn’t get coffee until we got here, so my first few waking hours were not too pleasant. Lol. I only got an hour of sleep last night!! Needless to say, Starbucks was my first drop. I need allll the caffeine available for… DISNEYLAND!! It’s what’s on the agenda after In-N-Out, obviously. I may have gotten no sleep last night, but you better believe we’re staying until they close at midnight. 😂 Then it’s off to Hawaii first thing in the morning!…

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    Stocking Stuffers for Under $10

    You know how every year you get something in your stocking that you know immediately you’re never gonna use? Well I’m here to make sure YOU don’t have to get anyone something useless just to take up room in their stocking. (Seriously, if you needed to just fill some space, get candy. Works every time.) I’ve put together this list of budget-friendly stocking stuffers for guys and girls of all ages! You’re sure to find at least a couple of things you know would be perfect for who you’ve got in mind.     Candidly, Kristianna