The Perfect Pair of Over-the-Knee Boots for Curvy Girls on a Budget + 3 Ways to Style Them

I’ve been searching for YEARS (and I do mean years) for a pair of otk boots. Not to be that person, but I feel like if I were skinny, I wouldn’t have this problem. I know I definitely wouldn’t have waited this long to get some! The problem is this:

I’ve tried on pair after pair of tall boots at places like DSW and Forever 21, etc. and always end up feeling horrible afterwards. I couldn’t get them zipped up! Many times, even if they were wide calf!! Seriously, it’s the worst feeling thinking you are some freak of nature because you have 16 inch calves and can’t even fit into the wide calf boots. BUT since then I’ve developed a ton more confidence and realized that I’m not the only one (not by a long shot) that struggles with this!

HOWEVER. Along with my big calves, I have a small wallet. I’ve seen all the actual wide calf otk boots at places like Lane Bryant or Torrid, but those are just too expensive for my single millennial budget! Which brings me to the holy grail of cheap girl boots: the Christian Siriano for Payless Over-the-Knee Boot. Not only are they not wide calf, they also aren’t even wide width (which I also usually need)! They’re super stretchy, so you can pull them right over! The ONLY problem I’ve had with them is that they slide down some when I walk. For some reason the black pair doesn’t have the little rubber ring round the top that the brown boots do! I’m still working on a way to keep them in place (*googles boot bra*).

Now, on to the outfits.

Several of my items are old, because I’m poor and don’t buy an all new wardrobe every season. So I’m linking similar items for all of those. 😉

Dress // Peacoat // Boots // Hat

Sweater // Leather Leggings // Scarf // Boots

Top // Vest // Jeans // Hat // Boots

I truly hope you love these boots as much as I do! If you do end up getting them, be sure and let me know what you think!!



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