The Sassiest Fall Transition Outfit

We’ve all been there. It’s September, so everyone’s breaking out the mums and booties and fall scented candles. But it’s still 7000 degrees and the humidity is 100%. So what are you supposed to wear?! You want to break out all your sweaters and cardigans but WOW there is no anti-perspirant strong enough. How do you look like you’re ready for fall without feeling like the clothes on your body are your very own mobile torture chamber? I’ve got the outfit for you!!

Bodysuit // Jeans // Shoes // Purse (similar) // Sunglasses // Earrings

I don’t know about you, but finding a bodysuit that doesn’t show wayyy too much up top without giving a MAJOR wedgie is like finding a window seat when you’re in boarding group C on a Southwest flight. This one is the softest and sooooo comfortable while also keeping it G-rated! AND it’ll be perfect once it’s finally cool enough to wear a cardigan with it!

Yesterday was my first time wearing these jeans and lemme tell you – even in 90+ degree weather, I didn’t suffocate! They’re stretchy but don’t stretch out and get baggy. These two waitresses at lunch asked me where I got them because they looked THAT GOOD. I think I may have found my new favorite denim.

This ensemble is perfect for date night, girl’s night out, brunch, a concert, the list goes on and on! You never would’ve convinced me even a year ago that I’d be tucking my tops in on the reg, let alone wearing bodysuits with high waisted jeans!!  I’m learning that EVERYBODY has stuff they’re insecure about, but we all have the ability to overcome those insecurities and embrace the bodies we’ve been blessed with. And MAN, do I feel sassy in mine! 😉



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