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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids of ALL ages – $5 to $50!

Yes, yes, I know. The girl with no kids is telling people what to get kids for Christmas. The irony is not lost on me. BUT everyone in my family has multiple children, so I enlisted their help in finding the perfect gifts based on their own experiences!! Obviously I couldn’t find gifts for literally every interest at every age, but I tried to encompass a wide variety for each group!

Buying for teens is the WORST. That was probably what took me the longest on this whole list. I went in a dark hole called the Cardi B “okurrr” section of Etsy and laughed for a good ten minutes because honestly I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and also because the products were genuinely funny tbh.

Anyway, the point is that parents might know what to get their children, but we, the childless the aunts and uncles, are ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS. So I thought I’d make this post to help a brotha or sista out.



4-6 year olds

7-9 year olds

10-12 year olds

13-15 year olds

16-18 year olds

I spent FOREVER on this list, making sure I had plenty of boy+girl+gender neutral options for you to choose from, everything had good reviews, wouldn’t get any eye rolls upon opening, etc. So here’s hoping that you found something for your kiddo! If you’re also struggling to find something for literally any man in your life, BOY OH BOY do I have you covered. Check out this post right here for some guidance!



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