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Winter Travel OOTD + LA/Hawaii Trip Update

Hellooooooo Los Angeles!! We left behind the 20° Arkansas weather at 5:40 this morning and touched down in sunny LA at 11:30 (1:30 on our bodies tho. Woof.) I didn’t get coffee until we got here, so my first few waking hours were not too pleasant. Lol. I only got an hour of sleep last night!! Needless to say, Starbucks was my first drop. I need allll the caffeine available for…

DISNEYLAND!! It’s what’s on the agenda after In-N-Out, obviously. I may have gotten no sleep last night, but you better believe we’re staying until they close at midnight. 😂 Then it’s off to Hawaii first thing in the morning! I’m hoping to get some hardcore sleep on that flight, since it’s almost 6 hours long. I land at 2:30 in the afternoon, which will really feel like 7:30 on my body, so I have a feeling bedtime will be very *very* early tomorrow night.

We don’t really have a strict itinerary for this trip, and since we’re pretty “go with the flow” people, I think that’ll work out just fine. I know we’re going snorkeling on Thursday and taking a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center on Friday! Super stoked about both of those. Other than that, I plan on spending some time on the beach, hammocking, eating wonderful food, and doing LOTS of exploring! Allllll the hiking and waterfalls, my people. I cannot wait to share it all here!

Since Blogmas is going all the way to Christmas Day, I will probably wait until after the beginning of the year to share most of my Hawaii content. I have a feeling I’m gonna need a little rest in between Christmas and New Years after blogging for 25 days straight. 😉

NOW. On to the outfit!

I struggled to figure out what to wear, since I was going from 20° to 65° to 80° and then back to 20°. I didn’t want to waste the room with a big coat in my luggage, and I despise carrying a bunch of things through airports, so I opted to just skip the coat altogether. Instead, I wore my black short sleeve bodysuit underneath my lip sweatshirt (which isn’t at H&M anymore, so I linked a couple of similar ones)! Which I was super glad I did, since I was sweatin’ like a sinner in church after trucking it to get to our gate on time. Then again, later, on our flight from Chicago to LA, the sun was facing my window the whole time, which RADIATED HEAT against the left side of my body. So. That was great.

I paired them with my favorite Time and Tru booties from Walmart and go-to Old Navy Rockstar jeans and BOOM. I present to you an incredibly chill travel outfit for winter. Cute, but not so cute my feet hurt. Warm, but enough layers to be comfortable once stepping out into the LA sun.

Well, it’s been fun, friends! I’d love to stay and chat some more, but alas… everybody’s favorite mouse is calling my name! 😉



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