20 of the Scariest Movies to Watch this October

Some best friends enjoy bonding over face masks or mani pedis. Some take cooking classes or do yoga. As for me and my best friend…

We watch as many scary movies as our schedules (and stomachs) allow.

Horror comedies, absolutely terrible bloody special effects ones, ones with HORRIBLE writing/dialogue, ones where the whole movie is sooooo slow and nothing really happens until the last fifteen minutes, ones where I watch the entire thing with one eye closed because that somehow makes it less terrifying… Every kind of scary movie. We don’t discriminate!

So I thought I would share our very favorites with the rest of the world!

I won’t go through and summarize all 20, but I WILL rank their scariness based on my own personal opinion. The key is as follows:

A Quiet Place

Scariness Rating: 8

100% in the top five best scary movies I’ve ever seen. Quite possibly in the top five movies of any genre. I mean, it might have something to do with the fact that I’m in love with John Krasinski. But regardless, it’s a truly incredible movie!



Scariness Rating: 9

This is one of those that is TOO REAL, FRIENDS. Honestly, the scariest movies to me are the ones that I feel could actually happen! While there are some terrifying sci-fi/supernatural thrillers, it’s the plain old messed up murderers that get me right in the fear feels. Obviously I’m not deaf, but I’ve been alone at home at night plenty of times so YEEEEE. It’s wonderful and makes all the women feel SO EMPOWERED. YEAH!



Scariness Rating: 7

I guess as a kid, big dolls are like, THE THING. You gotta have em, right? But then as an adult, they somehow turn creepy. At least, they sure as heck did after I watched this.


The Conjuring

Scariness Rating: 9.5

Absolutely one of our all time favorite scary movies. Once again, could be the cinematography… could be Patrick Wilson. KIDDING. Hehehe. No but really, such a good movie.


The Shining

Scariness Rating: 6

This is just a must-see classic scary movie! Hannah and I definitely giggled every once in a while and poked a little fun. BUT it has its scarier moments, for sure!


All the Saws

Scariness Rating: 9

These movies are like crack!!! Seriously, they were all Hannah and I wanted to watch for like a month in college. “What do you wanna watch?” “I don’t know, how about the next Saw movie?” I wish I were kidding. Verrrrrry gory though, so if you don’t have a strong stomach, I would not recommend.


Would You Rather

Scariness Rating: 6.5

Kind of like the Saw movies – don’t watch if you don’t have a strong stomach. Not even necessarily because of gore, but more the events that take place. Also don’t watch it immediately after any of the Pitch Perfects, because you won’t be able to take Brittany Snow seriously.


The Babadook

Scariness Rating: 9

Man, any scary movie with kids freaks me out, my friends. In the best way, of course. I actually really liked the sort of symbolism that you grasp by the end of the movie. 10/10 would recommend.



Scariness Rating: 7

MIND GAMES. You keep thinking you have it figured out, and then BOOM nope you have no idea what’s going on and you never will. This was the first movie I saw with Karen Gillan in it after watching Doctor Who, so it took some getting used to lololol.


The Boy

Scariness Rating: 7.5

Definitely Annabelle vibes. Also, much like Oculus, soooo many mind games. And the BEST twist ending. So so good!!!



Scariness Rating: 9

I cannot. CANNOT express to you how truly creepy this movie is. And how uncomfortable you will feel on multiple occasions throughout. Once again, the fact that he’s just a “regular guy” makes it THAT MUCH SCARIER.


The Strangers

Scariness Rating: 7.5

This is one of those where you are constantly blaming the actor/actress for their decisions based on what you think you would do in that situation. Very frustrating at times, but extremely entertaining!



Scariness Rating: 9

Lottttsss of supernatural stuff going on here. Makes it that much easier to not be scared once the movie is over, but doesn’t really decrease the amount of fear whilst watching. This is a very. scary. film.


The Visit

Scariness Rating: 8

YEEEEEEEE this one gets me pumped just thinking about it. My boyfriend at the time wouldn’t watch it because old people freaked him out. Afterwards, I didn’t blame him. This is a MUST SEE.


As Above So Below

Scariness Rating: 8.5

One thing I will say: it’s not what I thought it would be. In a weird way. But also kinda good? It is REALLY creepy. And you never know what to expect – my favorite kind of movie!


Get Out

Scariness Rating: 7

This is definitely more of a thriller/suspense type movie, not so much horror. From the acting to the storyline, literally everything about this movie is perfect. You don’t have to watch it to be scared out of your wits, but you do have to watch it. Just because it’s amazing.


The Bye Bye Man

Scariness Rating: 7

I have a love/hate relationship with movies that are just one big mind game. And that’s what this one is. One. Big. Mind game. I love the concept. Wasn’t a fan of the ending, though.



Scariness Rating: 10

THIS. MOVIE. Remember what I said about scary movies with little kids?? I just don’t even have the words. It is horrifying. Terrifying. It draws you in and makes your heart stop on multiple occasions. You have to watch it.


House at the End of the Street

Scariness Rating: 6.5

Because who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence?


The Bay

Scariness Rating: 7.5

GUYS. 80% OF THIS MOVIE IS FACTUAL. At least, that’s what Wikipedia said. And that’s a reliable resource, right? Anyway, one night Hannah and I were at Movie Trading company looking for a specific horror movie, but the guy at the checkout counter suggested this one instead. We were VERY pleased with the risk we took, since we’d never even heard of it before then!

Okay, friends! That’s all I’ve got! I mean, not really. My brain is a treasure trove of scary movie knowledge. If you want to know anything more about any of these or have any questions about others not mentioned, let me know (Instagram DMs is best)! I would love to talk horror with you!! I hope you have a horrorble day! 😉 I’m so sorry.



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