Get ready to dig in! Welcome to the food side of my blog, where you'll find restaurant recs from all of my travels. So if you're looking for places to eat in Dallas, I've got you covered! Brunch in NYC? You got it. Here's to adding more and more places to this list!

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    A Weekend Guide to Dallas Eats

    Planning a trip to Dallas soon? Or are you a local just looking to try new places? Whatever the case, I’ve got you covered with this list of my favorite Dallas restaurants! Having lived there for two years and visited often after that, I feel I have a pretty good “taste” for the local grub. HA. I crack myself up. Anyway. I picked only my very favorites for this list (I have so many favorites!) so that you wouldn’t have TOO many choices. Sometimes that’s worse than not having enough! I’ve sorted them into categories so you can get the gist of what each restaurant has to offer. Here goes!…

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    Ultimate Guide to a Weekend in NYC

    Last weekend, a couple of friends of mine came all the way from Dallas to visit me in New York! We had an absolutely incredible weekend, regardless of how much rain we got or the fact that we didn’t get to do everything on our “must see” list. Such an incredible weekend, in fact, that I thought I’d share what all we did! Things we ate (let’s be real, that’s most important), places we went, what we saw, etc. Hopefully it’ll help inspire you for your next trip to the Big Apple! Also, I made a checklist of specifically FREE activities in NYC, so if you’re looking to save money,…

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    My Favorite Healthy Travel Snacks

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about all my road trip essentials. Some of those essentials are healthy snacks to munch on! However, I didn’t want to limit it to just road trip snacks. So here’s a list of my favorite air-friendly (and car-friendly) healthy snacks! Lara Bars When I was on Whole30, these saved by butt on more than one occasion. I love them because they don’t have any added sweeteners – just dates! Also, NO idea how they make them taste so deliciously accurate with so few ingredients. The pecan pie bar has THREE THINGS: dates, pecans, and almonds. And it tastes just like pecan pie!! I…

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    The BEST Macarons in Dallas

    There aren’t many treats I would break the bank for, but let me tell ya… macarons are definitely my kryptonite. I get some prettttty much every time I’m in Dallas! I lived there for almost two years, and I made it my mission during that time to find the best macarons the DFW area had to offer. And I did. Here’s a list ranking all of the places I’ve visited: JOY Macarons Truly the best macarons in Dallas. Their flavors are off the CHART! They always use the best ingredients and their staff members (at both locations) are so sweet! Plus it doesn’t hurt that the place is EXTRA instagrammable.…

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