I'm by no means a beauty guru, but I have learned some makeup/skincare/hair tips and tricks in my years since turning 13! I tend to splurge on a handful of items because they're worth it to me, but overall I use very budget-friendly products. You'll find lots of drugstore and Ulta links here! And since I'm not an expert, I keep things pretty simple. Don't worry about feeling overwhelmed while perusing this section! It really doesn't take much to enhance the beauty God has already given you. You're gorgeous with absolutely nothing - these products are just fun to play with, in my opinion! Hopefully my beauty tips and tricks will be helpful to some of you.

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    My All-Time Favorite Beauty Products

    Do you ever find yourself just wandering around Ulta feeling absolutely lost and a little self-conscious? Seriously, every time I go in there I have to give myself a little mental pep talk as I walk through the door. “DON’T LET THEM KNOW YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Holy toledo, Batman! I forgot how many shelves this place has. Shoot! That girl just asked if you needed help finding something. SHE KNOWS. SHE SEES RIGHT THROUGH YOUR WALMART FOUNDATION AND TARGET CHAPSTICK.” If you haveĀ felt this way before, I’m here to help you out! These are my all time FAVORITE beauty products, all of which can be purchased…

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