Want budget-friendly beauty products that are actually high quality? How about some budget-friendly outfit ideas? Welcome to everything fashion and beauty for the average girl! Here you'll get all the deets on everything I'm wearing - clothes, makeup, etc. I don't have a lot of money, so I'm very intentional with the items I buy. Most things I wear/use are under $30 or I got on major sale to make them fall below that number. Or I used rewards. Lol. After all, the more money I save on things, the more places I can travel! I shop for beauty products almost exclusively at Ulta and Walmart or Target. If you have any specific questions you don't see answered on the blog, feel free to DM me on Instagram!

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    20 Coats to Beat the Winter Blues

    It’s that time of year. Christmas and New Years are over. The shine and excitement of your resolutions have worn off. All the decorations are packed away. And the cold is starting to become less romantic, despite Valentines Day looming in the near future. Wanna know my advice for staying chipper during the chilly, sometimes wet and downright harsh winter? A kick-butt wardrobe! But who says the butt-kicking has to start once the jacket/coat comes off?? Why not start with the first thing everyone sees? After all, if you only see someone while you’re outside, that might be their only impression of you. So let’s make it a good one,…

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    3 Holiday Hairstyles to Up Your Glam Game this December

    With the popularity of my 5 easy fall hairstyles post, I thought I would come back with some fairly easy hairstyles for the holiday season! I’ve got 2 pretty simple ones + one that might require a little extra work! These are perfect for Christmas parties, New Years Eve, family gatherings, etc. and all take less than 10 minutes! All you need is a ponytail holder/elastic and a little faith (and a lot of bobby pins when it comes to the last one 😉 ) Without further a[hair]do, lets get into the hairstyles! This first one is probably my favorite, but that could just be because I love wearing my…

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    Easiest Winter Outfit + Blogmas Update

    Man, you guys. This whole blogging every day thing is maybe starting to get just a teeny tiny bit overwhelming! But hey, I started it and by golly, I’m gonna finish what I started. It really is fun! I just have sooooo much to do right now (leaving for Hawaii in 4 days!!) and I feel so dumb for being like, “Okay here’s my entire list of things I need to get done… now instead of doing like seven of them, I have to write a blog post and shoot pictures for it and also edit those pictures and get links for all my clothes and/or products and make an…

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    The Best Outerwear Items for Your Winter Closet

    All right, friends! This was probably my most requested Blogmas post. All about outerwear! Everything you could need to cover your noggin to your piggies. 😉 It’s taking all of the self control in me not to buy literally everything on here! But alas, I have a Hawaii trip to pay for in about A WEEK. How insane is that?! It felt like it was forever away and now I’m like, “GIMME MORE TIME. I GOTTA PLAN STUFF. NEED TO GET MORE DONE.” You know, because adulting. Anyway. Below you’ll find a plethora of coats, scarves, gloves, and hats, all for under $100 (yes, that’s right – even the one that says it’s…

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    My Favorite Fashion Black Friday Sale Picks

    I considered not making this post, since I feel like everyone and their mother is posting about the sales going on. BUT. I polled my Instagram followers and the answer was a resounding “WE WANT THE SALES.” So alas. Here I am. 😉 These are all the places I shop that I feel are having some pretty great sales for the holiday weekend! I’ve added my top five picks from each one. Also, I plan on doing another post specifically for Cyber Monday, though some of these sales run thru then. Keep an eye out!   50% everything at Express + free shipping on all orders   30% off everything…