Ahhh, the thoughtful side of the site. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings, so sometimes I share them in case they might help someone else. Thoughts on being single, finding encouragement from the Lord, feeling content, etc. I hope this is a space where you can feel uplifted and encouraged. We're all in this together and I'm rooting for you! While I'm rooting, I'll also be thinking deeply and giving advice (hopefully some that's helpful!).

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    4 Ways to Measure Your Wealth Outside Your Tax Bracket

    I get it. It’s that time of year. W2s and TurboTax. Ready and waiting to see how much you’re getting back (or in some cases, how much you still owe). How easy it is to get wrapped up in those numbers, letting them tell you how successful you are in life. But why? Why, in a time as forward-thinking as this, do we still determine the value of a person based on the amount of money they bring in each year? Not only are we sizing up those around us, we’re scrutinizing ourselves. Regardless of how hard you work, always trying to find a “side hustle” or picking up extra…

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    Ten Goals to Make 2019 the Best Year Yet

    Happy New Year, friends!!! It’s three days into January and I can’t tell you how productive I’ve already been. I have a really good feeling about this year. And I mean a really good feeling. I wasn’t going to do a “New Years resolutions” post, simply because I really don’t feel like there are that many people out there who really care what my resolutions are! Haha! I’m not trying to be self-deprecating at all – that’s just a fact! But also, if I’m being real, I’ve kind of tried to steer clear of “resolutions” in the typical sense this year. Instead, I’m focusing on specific (or maybe a tiny bit vague)…

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    3 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

    In the age of social media, it’s incredibly easy to let ourselves get caught up in the comparison game. “I wish I could have a thigh gap like hers.” “Why can’t my kids behave as perfectly as theirs?” “I wish I could get abs as easy as that guy.” “Of course she’s happy, she has an infinite amount of money to buy whatever she could possibly want.” We’re lying to ourselves every day, thinking that if we had everything we wanted, we’d finally be happy. Satisfied. Content. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t ever catch myself doing this.…

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    The Ultimate Fall Bucket List

    Every year, fall comes. And every year, when it starts getting too cold to spend more than a few minutes outside and when the leaves have completely deserted their branches, I have REGRETS. Why didn’t I do all the things I had planned?? Why did I spend all those hours sitting inside, watching Gilmore Girls for the third time?! Laziness, my friend. We all fall victim to it at one point or another. SO. I decided to make a “fall bucket list” with all of the the things I want to do before winter! Obviously, food is a priority here. But fortunately for my waistline, there are plenty of fall-y…

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    11 Bible Passages for When You’re Worried About the Future

    Some people spend their entire lives knowing exactly what they want to do. They set a goal, figure out a path to reach that goal, and begin the journey. For others, it isn’t so much about the goal as it is the journey. We may have no idea what our destination is, but we are going to get there as creatively as possible. You may have been drawn to this post because you had a goal. You were on the path towards it and something knocked you entirely off course. Or maybe you’ve been traveling without a goal for so long that you’re starting to wonder if your journey is…

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