How to Keep Running Even When You HATE IT

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the WORST at sticking to a regular workout schedule. With all the traveling I do, it is so hard to find the time to fit in any exercise. And when I’m home, I’ll be honest – I’m just flat out lazy. But when it comes to working out, my very least favorite thing to do is RUN. I don’t know what it is about it, but I’m only in the mood to run on the days that I win the lottery. Crazy, right?

LOL. Okay, no but for real. I’ve been trying to figure out how on earth to make myself actually want to get out and run around in the heat (or on a treadmill, for that matter). And I think I’ve finally got an algorithm down that’s starting to work. So if you’re in the same boat I’ve been in my whole life, read on, friend!

Make a bomb playlist.

Alas, the first step in succeeding at literally anything. As I talked about in my blog post about how to have a productive day, what motivates someone else may not necessarily motivate you. So start off by putting together a playlist of songs that really get your blood pumping!! Not gonna lie, some of my running songs are from musicals. Some are from the Wonder Woman soundtrack. There may be a Jonas Brothers song thrown in there (okay, maybe a couple). You do you, boo boo!

Get workout clothes you feel good in.

I know this doesn’t matter to a lot of people, but it definitely matters to me. If I feel frumpy or gross in the clothes I’m wearing to the gym or the park, I’m way less likely to go. I wanna feel confident and excited to put on my activewear before heading out! Expressing myself through my outfits is one of my absolute favorite activities, so why should I care any less about what I wear to run?

Set goals.

I was talking with my sister a few days ago about why it’s such a struggle to want to be active right now. We agreed the 100°+ weather is a big factor, but apart from that, she mentioned something else. She said, “I don’t have anything I’m working toward. A few months ago, I was training for two Tough Mudders. Now I have nothing to train for.” This made so much sense!! It’s much harder when you’re just running to be “generally healthier.” That’s why you need to set a goal. Whether it’s a specific distance or time or race, whatever. Just commit to it!

Pick a time that you’re going to run – and stick to it.

We’ve all been there. “I’ve gotta fit a run in at some point tomorrow.” But before you know it, it’s 10 pm tomorrow night and you’ve either completely forgotten to run or pushed it to the verrrrrry back burner knowing ALL TOO WELL that if you just put everything else ahead of it, eventually it’d be late enough that you could postpone it until tomorrow. DO NOT BE THIS PERSON. Morning good for you? Do it then. I’m more of an evening kind of girl, so that’s when I go. But plan for a specific time and don’t stand yourself up!!

Get/have a friend who enjoys running.

I’m fortunate enough to have a couple of friends who are SUPER passionate about running. I love following them on social media and because they seem like they’re always on a run and always pumped about it!! I’ve talked to both of them about running, asking for advice and what it was like for them when they started. And – surprise – neither of them liked it when they were first starting out, either! So that definitely helps a lot.

Find somewhere you actually enjoy being.

Or that you’d like to explore! One of my favorite things is trying out different trails/neighborhoods. Especially ones with nice houses our cute doggos!! Nobody wants to run in an area where they feel unsafe. But I also don’t really like running the same path over and over! Make it a goal to get out and try to find some new places to explore!

I don’t know when it’s going to kick in (or if it ever will), but *hopefully* ONE DAY I WILL LIKE RUNNING. Until that day, these tips are what I’ll use to make sure I don’t give it up! Oh, and probably the most important tip… always reward yourself with coffee. 😉



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