How to *Sleigh* the Holidays as a Single Girl

Whaaaaaat?! You mean a single girl doesn’t have to get sad and lonely this time of year?? You’re kidding. Well, she’s gotta have those feelings. They’re just squashed down so far she doesn’t even realize it herself. She’ll come around eventually and the self-loathing and feeling of hopelessness will set in by the time New Years rolls around.

Wait. Seriously?

You mean you really can enjoy the holidays and not be secretly hoping a mysterious stranger will appear under the mistletoe at just the right moment? Huh. Who knew? Not ALL OF AMERICA, apparently. Or the internet in general. But you know what? Forget them. As a matter of fact, I go into greater detail in this post about how you can be happy in general (not just around the holidays) as a single girl!

But for now, let me just tell you: you’ve got a lotta advantages this time of year.

Here are a few:

You don’t have to spend money on presents for your SO

Or on presents for your SO’s family

No trying to figure out which family you’re spending the holidays with during which specific times

You can look a mess on Christmas morn and open them prezzies without even worrying about what you think your man thinks you look like

I hear mistletoe is infested with nargles anyway, so congrats on dodging that bullet

You don’t have to put a single thought into a Christmas present for him, let alone wondering if your gift is bigger or smaller than his gift to you

You can take a different date to every holiday party you’re invited to – hehehe

and those are just THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

So instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself as you watch the holiday engagement shoots take over your Instagram feed,

here are some activities you can partake in:

Go with your friends to the ritziest part of town and see how all the fancy pants people decorated their houses

Try out a couple of Pinterest holiday recipes and then…

Invite some friends over for a game night full of all those crazy games you see families post on Facebook

Look up special Christmas movie showings in your town and make it a point to attend – The Alamo Drafthouse in Dallas has a ton of different movie showings where they “quote along,” and I know they can’t be the only ones who do this

Have a gingerbread house contest with your BFF and post the horrifying process + results on your Instagram stories

If you’re sick of winter already, start planning a tropical vacation with the friend (or family member) of your choosing

Be productive and clean out your closet – then donate those old winter clothes to someone who could really use some warmth this time of year

Pick up an angel tree kid some presents/clothes – you’d be surprised how small your worries seem when you’re buying shoes for a bb who might only have one pair

Next time a relative says, “Are you still single?!” you repeat after me:


Keep sleighing, babe! It’s Christmas, for Pete’s sake – ain’t nobody got time to be sad about boys!



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