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NYC Summer Packing Guide

Helloooooooo from my little home for the month in NYC!! I’ve been here for less than 24 hours and can already tell I’m going to love it. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently trying to decide where I’ll be moving to next. When my friend called me up a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to sublet her apartment in Queens for the entire month of July, I said HECK YEAH I DO! Because what’s life without a little spontaneity? So here I am, settled into her apartment and *almost* ready to explore the city. It feels like a furnace outside today and it’s supposed to storm all day tomorrow, so it looks like I’ll be waiting until Saturday to do any real exploring!

NOW. To get to the point, I thought I’d do a post all about what I brought to New York for the month! Hopefully this will help you when packing for your next trip to the Big Apple. 🙂


Dressy – something light, but cute. You could wear this to lunch with some nice shorts or a skirt! Little girly details like bows, ruffles, etc. are super “in” right now.

Casual – relaxed tees/v-necks are perrrrrrfect with distressed shorts and sandals! The easiest thing ever to wear and so comfy, too.

Layering – you’re gonna want to bring a versatile layering piece to throw on when you know you might be going somewhere that has a little extra AC! I brought this light chambray top from Old Navy, and I’ve already used it once!


Shorts – I would bring at least one pair of denim and a linen pair! They each give off totally different vibes and can completely change the “look” of your outfit. Plus linen is great for summer because it’s lighter and breezy!

Skirts – A denim skirt is THE THING TO WEAR in NYC, so get you a good one that makes you feel like a million bucks!! Then throw a girly one in your suitcase for good measure (to pair with one of those “dressy” tops!)

Jeans/Pants – I feel like it’s just smart to have one pair of something that’s going to cover your legs. You just never know! For example, this Saturday morning it’s supposed to be in the lower 60s!! 


Fancy Shmancy – yes, yes, it isn’t pictured because I DIDN’T BRING ONE! *gasp* A nice dress is actually something I wanted to wait until I got here to buy! After all, where would I rather shop than New York friggin City? 😉 

Casual – something you could just wear while sight-seeing that won’t be too hot, but make you look like you put a little extra effort in. Ya feel me?

Rompers – always a good idea, especially when they’re as comfortable as this one! 

Jumpsuits – I LOVE jumpsuits because I feel like you can wear them for literally anything!! Okay, maybe not anything. But pretty darn close. Church, a night out, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a Broadway show, take your pick!


Sandals – ONLY comfy ones though because so. much. walking. Take a couple of pairs – they’re light and won’t take up much room in your suitcase!

Cute “Sneakers” – I love my bow sneakers because some days I just gotta go a little faster (and have more protection) than sandals will allow. BUT still wanna look cute, right?? 

Tennis Shoes – because your feet will thank you!! And your back. And basically your entire body. Walking every day in shoes with no support takes a toll, people!

Comfortable Heels/Wedges – necessary to wear with those fancy/casual dresses you brought! I would definitely recommend packing some flat shoes in your purse/bag for when your feet get tired, though. Because believe me, they will.


Hair Goodies – it is HOT in the city, my friends. With the amount of hair I possess, it is a pain (I mean that in the most literal sense) to wear it up all the time. BUT it is definitely less painful with a good scrunchie! I also wanna get a cute scarf/bandana to tie in my hair ASAP. Bring one of those, too!!

Sunglasses – do I really have to justify this? They’re cute and practical and make you look sassier than you already are. Pack ’em!

Bags – okay, bag-wise I would recommend bringing two kinds – a small/medium one for just sightseeing/meals/shows, etc, and a fairly big one for if you’re planning on doing any shopping! It’s so much easier and cleaner-looking to just put your smaller bags inside of one big cute one. Trust me! Another bag I’d suggest is a foldable backpack. You can fold it up in your purse and as you accumulate stuff throughout the day, you can just add them to the backpack!

Aaaaaand that’s it! Obviously I’m assuming you know to pack socks and underwear and a toothbrush. 😉 Then again, I am the girl who just had to run across the street to pick up some toothpaste because I definitely forgot mine. *facepalm* Thanks for reading!! Enjoy your trip to NYC!!!




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