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    Ultimate Guide to Flying Southwest

    Okay, so this might sound crazy. But until a few years ago, I had never flown Southwest. I’d been on plenty of flights, but I had just always gravitated towards what I knew (Delta, American Airlines). But when I was trying to decide on a flight to Dallas, my sister suggested I check Southwest’s website. Apparently a lot of their flights don’t show up in places like Kayak or Google Flights because they have three seating options! When I checked, SURE ‘NUFF their prices were lower than anyone else’s!! And THEN I saw that your first two checked bags fly free?? I mean, what is that about?? THERE HAS TO BE…

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    6 Tips to Fly Safer During the Pandemic

    Hey there! Before I get started, let me just say that I’m not trying to encourage anyone to be out there flying willy nilly during a pandemic. Sure, flight prices are low! But coronavirus cases are at an all-time high, which makes taking extra precautions incredibly important. While you may not be going on vacations during this time, you might find yourself needing to take a plane at some point. I want to help you rest a little easier with… 6 Tips to Fly Safer During the Pandemic 1. Pick the right airline. First thing’s first: choosing your airline before you even step foot in an airport! A lot of…

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    My Favorite Healthy Travel Snacks

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about all my road trip essentials. Some of those essentials are healthy snacks to munch on! However, I didn’t want to limit it to just road trip snacks. So here’s a list of my favorite air-friendly (and car-friendly) healthy snacks! Lara Bars When I was on Whole30, these saved by butt on more than one occasion. I love them because they don’t have any added sweeteners – just dates! Also, NO idea how they make them taste so deliciously accurate with so few ingredients. The pecan pie bar has THREE THINGS: dates, pecans, and almonds. And it tastes just like pecan pie!! I…

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