Target Fall Decor for Under $20

I love Target just as much as the next person. But sometimes their stuff is a little pricey! Like, I’m not gonna buy multiple $15 jack-o-lanterns I’m only gonna use for a month. Go ahead, call me cheap! I am cheap! But all of the money I don’t spend on expensive stuff is money I get to spend on travel! And travel is WAY better than stuff. 🙂

So I took a trip to Target today to check out their fall decor and figure out if it’s even possible to get a few things on the low low. Turns out it is!! Everything in this post is under $20, but I’ve divided it up into sections so you have options for how much you spend!

$5 and Under

Happy Fall Sign

Bb Gourds to Put in a Vase or Something

Happy Fall Pumpkin

8 Ct Mini Pumpkins


$10 and Under

White Speckled Pumpkin (as seen in featured picture)

Thankful Welcome Mat

Framed Gold Leaves

Cable Knit Pumpkin

Wooden Pumpkin String Lights

Plaid Fabric Pumpkins

Light Up Sign


$20 and Under

Pumpkin/Gourd Pillow

Lil Red Truck for Holding bb Pumpkins or Gourds Probably

Wooden Wreath

Happy Fall Round Tray

There you have it! My favorite picks from the TON of adorable fall decor at Target right now! I purposefully stayed away from Halloween decorations because the “just fall” ones can be used all the way through Thanksgiving!! Happy fall, friends. 🙂



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  • Chris

    The truck is my favorite! But those mini-gourds and the doormat are adorable. And let’s face it so is the pillow. Hard not to “fall” for all of it! (See what I did there? 😉 )

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