6 Thrifted Halloween Costumes Probably at Your Goodwill Right Now

We’ve all been there. Halloween is approaching fast and you still haven’t even thought about a costume. Or maybe you have for like, a second… but you can’t think of anything that sounds good so you give up. ALSO who the heck wants to spend $30+ on something you’re going to wear literally one time??? Not me! So I had an idea…

I started doing a little brainstorming and Googling and came up with some costumes I thought I could find at Goodwill! And you know what? I FOUND THEM. They aren’t all perfect, but I can almost guarantee you can find some version of each costume at the Goodwill in your town.

Cardigan (similar) // Jeans // Booties // Bodysuit // Earrings

Daphne (Scooby Doo)

I saw the shoes first, and the (very wrinkled) dress minutes later. The only thing I couldn’t find was the headband!

What you need:

Purple dress

Light purple/pink loafer-y shoes

Green scarf/ascot

Purple headband


Marty McFly (Back to the Future)

I actually could not have found more perfect matches if I’d tried. This is the one I brought home – pictures of me in it are coming soon!

What you need:

Red/orange puffy vest

Denim jacket

White and blue button up shirt


White sneakers


Patti Mayonnaise (Doug)

Obviously this wasn’t a perfect find, but with some tweaks, it could be amazing!!

What you need:

Light blue top (preferably with pink polka dots)

Royal blue skirt

Pink sneakers

White tall socks



Nora Krank (Christmas with the Kranks)

This is one I GUARANTEE you can find some variation of at your Goodwill.

What you need:

White turtleneck top (preferably with some kind of tacky Christmas pattern)

Horrible Christmas/holiday sweatervest

Bangs optional 😉

Russell the Boy Scout (UP)

I’m not guaranteeing you’ll find a Boy Scout uniform at every Goodwill, but you know there’ve gotta be a LOT of these puppies floating around out there. Just saying.

What you need:

Boy Scout uniform




A sash with million pins

All of the enthusiasm you can muster


Excited Sue (SNL)

Obviously it’s not super likely you’ll find this EXACT sweater at Goodwill, but it IS a safe bet that you’ll find an incredibly tacky 80s/90s sweater and a gross turtleneck.

What you need:

Incredibly tacky 80s/90s sweater with an obnoxious print (preferably color block)

Gross turtleneck (preferably yellow, though feel free to match it with your sweater of choice)

Big throwback brightly colored necklace

I hope you find the cheapest, most creative costume ever!! If not, I hope you found one of these. 😉 Happy Halloween!



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